New to fetish/BDSM?

Be introduced gently (or roughly if you prefer!) to this wonderful world by me. I love nothing more than taking a ‘vanilla’ single or couple and providing some exciting new fetishy flavour. This can take a variety of forms:

– Private sessions at your home or in specially equipped dungeon space in London (hire fees may apply)

– Couple sessions to demonstrate and teach the role of Dom and sub in a play setting

– ‘Taxi Mastering’, a unique new service where I take you to your first proper fetish party, introduce you to the dungeon, facilitate whatever play you are interested in.


General Private Sessions

Do you want to explore the physical and psychological boundaries of pleasure, pain and power in a safe, discreet, consensual environment? I specialise is Impact Play (spanking and flogging particularly, but I have an enviably full tool kit), and Sensation Play (let me tie you up, blindfold you, and bring your senses alive as I tease and torture you with every soft, hard, sharp, cold, fluffy and incomprehensible toy in my arsenal). Private sessions are on offer in a well equipped centrally located dungeon, or I can visit you if you prefer.


Dungeon Master / Monitor

Hire me for your party or event. I can arrange a fully equipped, properly supervised dungeon, or simply attend your own to generate some play or spectacle for your guests. Specialty in impact play and sensation – spanking, flogging, caning, frisking, restraint and submission.



As a coach and educator, I am happy to run group sessions in a workshop, seminar or demonstration style format. Levels of content range from “A Gentle Introduction to Kink/BDSM” to “Advanced Spanking Masterclass” (there is more to it than anyone might think!).



Important Note: Whilst you may find my services exciting and arousing, I am not offering a sexual service – please don’t ask for one.