NEW! Simply move the slider for each dimension wherever you like based on your interest, and read the result! 1 means little or no content, 2 means a moderate level of content, and 3 indicates a high level of focus and content. If you like what you read, you can use the form to enquire about making it happen!

Selected Value: 2
This is all about how much body work, impact play, sensation play and physical (non-sexual) stimulus is involved in the session.
Selected Value: 2
This is about how cerebral and mentally focused the session is. It governs the level of Domination/submission and power dynamics, the amount of mind-focused activities and elements, and how verbal the session is likely to be.
Selected Value: 2
This is about how much sexual energy is held and worked with during the session: how much focus is placed on arousal, sensuality, and potentially climax (if allowed!)

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