“I just wanted to write to say that I really appreciate how respectful you were. It felt so nice to be asked what my boundaries are and to know you would adhere to them… The flogging was definitely evocative for me, but not in a negative way at all; it felt, paradoxically, overwhelmingly healing.” – Private Session, Impact and sensation play

“Wow! Thank You Sir! So amazing!! I feel absolutely buzzing and wonderful. New goal… win the lottery and put You on a salary as a personal member of staff!! Thanks again, I’ll see You soon.” – Private “Explorer” Session

“Absolutely fantastic service – I still feel euphoric and highly satisfied…highly recommend! Am looking forward to the next session.” – Private Session, Impact play

“Thanks to you and her for taking me to your world. Who would have thought that pain could be so sweet and full of light? <3” – Double Dom impact play session

“Won’t be the first time I’ve gone to work with a speckled bottom… I thoroughly enjoyed it, just what I needed”   – Impact play session

“That was so artful – you looked like a dancer” – Suspended flogging, Subversion

“Wow I feel incredibly good – you’re right about it being cathartic. Normally…I still crave more – but I feel pleasantly satisfied. Thank you for an incredible experience, hopefully to be repeated.” – Private Session, Impact play

“Highly recommended! Master Peter is friendly and personable, relatable and above all knowledgeable. He introduces this subject in a simple and easy to access way – not patronising or intimidating. I’m definitely inspired to explore more!” A Gentle Introduction to Kink & BDSM