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New Clients

What to expect

Spend one to several hours with me in the sanctity of my own play space, and let me take you on a journey through kink. A private session is not a cookie cutter affair — everything is discussed, agreed and planned upfront. I’m providing a service, and I do my best work when I have the chance to have a really good consultation chat at the outset — either on the day of our first session or in the days leading up to it. This gives me the confidence to provide a great experience and establishes the bond of trust and confidence for you to feel safe and at ease.

Things we discuss at the outset

In addition to your general expectations and desires, we talk through your limits and boundaries, communication, specific activities agreed, words and language used, parts of your body in/out of scope, ways of stopping the play, aftercare requirements and anything I need to understand about your health in order to be safe.

The session itself

Sessions can vary in length and intensity, but broadly we’ll touch and play with one, two or all of three dimensions: physical, psychological and sexual. I blend all three in whatever quantity and balance feels right. Sometimes this is part of an exploration, when you’re not sure yourself what you want. However the session develops, generous time is given to easing into it, and for aftercare at the end. Whilst I have brought to life several specific activities on the pages under this one, a session is a living, breathing organism that grows and adapts, not a formulaic list of things to do. Expect flow and organic progression within your limits, not a check list!

City Spank Breaks

If you work in the City and want the thrill of nipping out during your lunch break (or any break!) for a quick but sound spanking for 30mins, I have now started to accept brief break-time sessions!

Session Planner

If you’d like to explore how different sessions might feel, you can use my new (and highly experimental!) session planner.

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