BDSM workshops, courses and classes for all. Whether it be the basics, or a Master-class (ahem) in a niche corner of BDSM, there are a range of workshops and learning opportunities on hand — contact me to arrange tailored workshops for you and your group.

A Gentle Intro to Kink & BDSM

In this talk, you will be introduced to the underlying principles of BDSM. You’ll learn about how diverse subjects such as power dynamics, sex, touch, consent and safety all interplay to make for a wonderful BDSM session.

There will be a short demonstration involving how to set up a kinky scene and dynamic with your partner(s) and some light impact play.

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Impact Play 101

In this workshop, you will learn the concept behind creating an exciting and unforgettable impact play session. Discover the art of spanking and the mesmerising flow of a proficient flogging. Explore how to play with contrast and anticipation in a way that makes an hour disappear in a heartbeat.

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Impact Play 201 – Deeper Impact / UV

This class is intended for experienced kinksters who want to understand more about deeper impact play. This is a more extreme form of play which naturally carries with it some attendant safety considerations. The class will focus on these safety elements, and look at techniques and tools for deepening your play.

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A Guide to Kinky Roleplay & Mind Games

Learn how I make my more roleplay-oriented sessions fun, authentic and dizzyingly effective. You don’t need to win an Oscar to deliver a mind blowing performance — I can teach you to to use simple visual, auditory and spatial tools to immerse your partner(s).

In addition to general roleplay advice, you will also hear more about niche fetishes, and leave with a rich understanding of the more cerebral side of BDSM.

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PlaySafe Monitor Training

After many years helping keep London’s kink spaces safer, I’ve developed a comprehensive training course for play monitors. Read more about the course and how it can benefit your event here.

For information about one-on-one learning, including Dominant, submissive and Pro-Dom/me coaching, visit my Coaching page