Personal voyages of discovery in kink and BDSM should be fun, effective and tailored individually. That’s my belief, and the experience of many people who have spent time as my mentees, students or apprentices. I am available to help you in a variety of goals. Some examples are below, but these aren’t exhaustive — it’s about you and your objectives.

Practical Topping Skills

So you want to deliver an artisanal spanking, a masterful flogging, or want to figure how best to use that new tool you purchased? Whether it be Impact play, sensation play or something more niche, I can take you from zero to hero, or tune up your existing skills.

Confident Dominance

Do you sometimes feel a bit of imposter syndrome when thinking about being Dominant? Or perhaps you are brimming with confidence, but want some structure and toolkits to better empower you in that role? I work with dominants to find your most natural dominant energy, and overlay that with tools and concepts to make your play authentic and enjoyable. Recommended 2-4 sessions.

Disarming — Finding Submission

Do you want to submit, but find it difficult? Perhaps it’s hard to switch your brain off, or it’s difficult to build trust and confidence to really let go? I work with aspiring submissives to remove blockages and find the best way to shed your armour. Recommended as 1-3 sessions.

Pro-Dominant Coaching

If you’re thinking about a career change, then I don’t blame you! Professional Domination has been one of the most fulfilling careers I’ve ever had! But it takes more than a good spanking hand and a bunch of dungeon time racked up. In this ~10 session course (but bespoke to you), I’ll cover a myriad of important topics including:

  • Commercial activation
  • Client onboarding and safety
  • Power dynamics with strangers
  • Concepts for memorable and re-bookable sessions
  • Developing your empathy for what clients want and experience
  • Technique refining across impact play, wider sensation play and specific niches or specialisms

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