PlaySafe Monitor Training

In the Kink and BDSM community, events permitting play are often the lifeblood of the scene — a safe space that allows likeminded people to pursue their lifestyle, interests and fantasies in a space devoid of judgement. These spaces are only possible through the careful and diligent work of event organisers and are made possible by one critical role: the Monitor. Whether called a Dungeon Monitor (DM), Play Monitor, Steward, or anything else, the role is usually the same: protect people, property and the community. Until the PlaySafe initiative launched, no formal or consistent training had been available to events and monitors. The PlaySafe training may not fully reflect the individual and nuanced rules and nature of each event, however it is a foundational piece of work pulling together acknowledged best practice and years of monitoring experience.

Benefits to Event Organisers

The PlaySafe system seeks to professionalise monitoring in a similar but less regulated way to Security / SIA. In an increasingly draconian licensing environment, the ability for events involving BDSM and sex to continue often rests with councils who are genetically risk adverse. PlaySafe is being endorsed by licensing lawyers and barristers as evidence of safe space management and good operating practices, and has already proven to be the central pillar of a recent SEV license application. Employing PlaySafe-trained/accredited monitors demonstrates to your guests, community and relevant external authorities that safety at your events is paramount.

The Training Content

The foundational level training is across three hours and covers the following:

  • What is a Monitor?
  • Unconscious bias – inclusive monitoring
  • Preparing for an event
  • Responsibilities (general, what to look and listen for)
  • Safe play (impact, bondage, intimate)
  • Intervention & People Management (intervention/stopping scenes, de-escalation, working with security)
  • Medical issues
  • After care

Later this year I will be adding additional content on drugs and their impact/implications, and mental health.

A more detailed day-long course will be provided for clubs allowing harder play, edge play, medical, messy play, etc.